Photos, photos everywhere

If I never edit a photo again it will be too soon. Since I came home from Europe I have edited – no joke, no exaggeration – almost FIFTEEN HUNDRED photos!!! First there were the pictures from the vacation. Over 800 pics just from Paris alone! I took so many pictures on that trip it was ridiculous. The reason why? Well, I got the iPhone 5 just days before my trip, and the camera on that phone is freaking AMAZING!! (I know Di is laughing right now as she’s reading this, because over the course of our trip I must have said it a hundred times. But it is!!)

Here are some of my favorites (yes, they’re all from Paris, but I can’t help it – it was just so beautiful there!):

Then I spent three days last week editing photos to go into a digital photo frame that my friends and I got for another friend who is moving away. 😦 That was fun but bittersweet – fun because over the past two years we’ve done so much that I’d forgotten about, and it was nice to relive some of those moments, but bittersweet obviously because one of my best friends, who I see and talk to on a daily basis, is leaving. But nothing lasts forever, I guess.

Eventually I will upload those photos to this blog (the vacation ones). Hopefully I’ll get some up this weekend. 🙂

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  1. THose are truly some magnificant captures. Thanks for sharing. I just found your site and look forward to reading about and enjoying all the dishes you create 🙂

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