HCG Days 6 and 7 – It IS possible to have a social life while dieting.

On Friday afternoon I decided I would go see the new Twilight movie after work before meeting up with a friend for a drink. There are two reasons why this decision might have led to a cheating episode:

1 – I was going to a MOVIE THEATER. I mean, I don’t know about you, but when I go to the movies I like to eat. Buttered popcorn, candy, nachos = yummmm.

2 – I had originally planned to go home after work, so I didn’t have anything with me that I could eat for dinner.

Fortunately I was able to find solutions to both problems. I had brought apple chips and meringue cookies with me to snack on after lunch, so once I made the decision to go to the movies I quickly put them away for later. Boom, now I had snacks for the theater. Problem #1 solved. Problem #2 had a quick fix as well: right before the movie I stopped at Duane Reade to get a pop-top can of tuna fish so that if I found myself really hungry at any point in the night I would have food readily available.

The moral of this story? Always be prepared!

On Saturday night I went to a going away party for a friend who is moving back to Germany. Since I was home all day I was able to stick to the diet, but I knew that I would run into a problem later that night when I came home. The thing is, after a night of drinking I have to eat something or I will probably throw up the next day. So I knew that if I didn’t have something ready for me to eat when I came home at 4 in the morning, then I would end up eating something that I shouldn’t, like the potato chips or can of nuts that are leftover in my cupboard.

So what did I do? Simple enough, really. When I was making my soup for dinner that night, I just made a little extra. I left it out on the stove so that when I got home all I would have to do is heat it up for a few minutes. And sure enough, that’s exactly what I did.

While I know that eating at 4 in the morning and then going to sleep right after is not necessarily a good thing, I still consider this a diet victory: I knew what my weakness was and took the necessary steps to avoid it. #Winning!

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