Happy birthday to me!

I did NOT want to weigh myself this morning. Last Monday, which was 4 days before my birthday, I weighed 139 pounds. Had I continued to eat healthy all week, I know I could have reached my goal of 135 by my birthday. But I didn’t. No joke, between Wednesday and Sunday I ate nine slices of pizza. NINE! Who does that??

Why did I eat so much pizza? Well, I did a LOT of drinking, and to be honest, nothing cures my hangovers better than eating a bunch of carbs and drinking a lot of ginger ale. So that’s what I did. Every single day.

Plus it was my birthday week, or so my friends kept telling me, which apparently means you get a free pass if you’re on a diet.

So yeah, you can see why I didn’t want to weigh myself today. I thought about waiting until Wednesday or Thursday, so I’d lose a few pounds before the weigh in and wouldn’t have to face the full consequences of all my overeating, but when I looked at myself naked in the mirror this morning I didn’t think that I looked all that bad. So I hopped on the scale.


Only a two pound gain after all that food. I couldn’t believe it! Maybe it’s because of all the dancing I did this weekend? Who cares…it’s just nice to see that I didn’t completely throw myself off track.

Now that my birthday is over, I don’t really have any “dieting deadlines,” which is kind of unusual for me. I’m always saying “I want to lose X amount of pounds by the holiday party/New Year’s Eve/my birthday.” But maybe it’s good for me to not have any short-term goals. This way, I can just focus on my long-term goal, which is getting down to 130 and then maintaining it, and putting an end to my yo-yo dieting once and for all.

Below: Me (in the middle) and my gorgeous friends, out on my birthday. I’m not exactly where I wanted to be, but I’m not far off, either.


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