Healthy Red, White and Blue Fourth of July treats!

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile! My life in New Orleans is going well so far. It’s taken awhile but I’m finally starting to settle in. I have a car now, so life is starting to feel a little more normal now that I can drive myself places and I’m not totally dependent on my boyfriend if I want to go anywhere.

I haven’t really done any cooking since I’ve been here. My boyfriend is the best cook, so why should I even bother?! Lol no I’m kidding. Sort of. But I’ve only cooked once in the past 6 weeks, and that was only hamburgers. There haven’t really been any blog-worthy recipes in my recent past.

Which is why instead of posting a new recipe, I’m simply posting links to my two “patriotic” recipes that I put up last year. I will do my best to get this blog back up and running ASAP.



Red, White and Blue Cheesecake-stuffed Strawberries

finished red white and blue cheesecake strawberries4

Red, White and Blue Ricotta Banana Split 

finished banana split with chocolate syrup

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2 Responses to Healthy Red, White and Blue Fourth of July treats!

  1. Liz says:

    I’ve been wondering how it’s been going for you!

  2. I’ve made those strawberry cheesecakes many times, I love them! I will definitely make those again this Friday! Hope all is well with you, Rory 🙂

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