Cross one off the bucket list: Paul McCartney

I went to see Paul McCartney in concert this past Saturday, and it was glorious. I bought Dave tickets for his birthday, but in truth this was actually a present to myself (a very expensive present, but totally worth it). I’ve loved the Beatles since I was a little girl, and it has always been a dream of mine to hear my favorite songs played live. When we drove by the Smoothie King Convention Center one day in June and I saw on the billboard that Sir Paul would be playing there in October, my thought process went something like this: “OMG! Paul McCartney! Beatles! Hmm…October…Dave’s birthday! Yes!”

Fortunately Dave is just as big a Beatles fan as I am, so he was extremely happy with his gift (His words: “Best birthday present ever!…shit, how am I going to top this?” Lol.)

Paul was amazing. AMAZING! And it was so cool to see him live and witness someone who was a part of such a revolutionary musical act. Even his newer songs were decent, and when I found myself getting impatient for the next Beatles song I would stop and say to myself, “Just sick back and enjoy this moment. You’re listening to Paul McCartney playing the piano!”


So yeah, that was definitely one of the highlights of my life thus far.

I’ll leave you with some videos from the concert (the videos are there, even if the thumbnails aren’t showing up). Yes, I recorded just about every song he played. As I was taping I questioned whether I should be recording or just enjoying the moment, but I decided to record because I wanted to be able to relive that feeling again. I’m glad I did, because when I was watching all the videos and deciding which to post, I got such a high, especially during Helter Skelter. PAUL MCCARTNEY!!

Something (on a ukulele!):


Live and Let Die:


Let it Be:


Helter Skelter (my fave):


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