Apple chip madness

IMG_2416I have been on an extreme apple chip kick lately. I hadn’t made them in a long time, but I made some recently and it turns out that not only does Dave love them, but so does his son, who is an extremely picky eater (but randomly picky…like he loves sushi and lox but he won’t eat mashed potatoes). Now he is constantly asking for apple chips. Which is fine by me, because at least it’s a healthy snack. But yeah, lately there has been a huge demand for apple chips in my household.

Last week I bought 8 different types of apples from the grocery store and made them all into chips, so I could figure out which one I like best and just buy those. Out of all the types I tried, my absolute favorite was the Honeycrisp. It’s sweet but a little bit tart too. Unfortunately, Honeycrisps are the most expensive of all the apples I tried, at $2.49 a pound. Figures. I’m not on a budget or anything, but at the rate I’ve been making apple chips, $2.49 a pound for apples is a bit much.

Which is why I was SUPER excited when I went into Rouses today (Rouses is one of the  supermarkets down here) and saw that red delicious apples are on sale for .49 cents a pound! That is so cheap! Red delicious are definitely not my favorite as far as apple chips go, but for .49 cents a pound, who cares? I bought a bunch today, and tomorrow I’m going to go back and buy a shitload more. Apple chips last awhile, so it’s not like the apples will go to waste.

And now I’ve been thinking, what other low calorie apple desserts can I make? I know a few, but I’m sure there are a ton out there.


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