Diet Update – Week One in the Books

I was so happy – and surprised – when I got on the scale yesterday morning and saw that I’ve lost 3 pounds since last Monday. It is such a relief to know that my cheating episode didn’t do any lasting damage! It’s also nice to know that the glass or two of wine I drink  every night will not keep me from losing weight.

I know I blamed my cheating episode on hormones, but after thinking about it a little more and analyzing the food I ate every day this week, I think the reason why I was so freaking hungry on Friday night was because I didn’t eat breakfast that morning.

My food, drink and exercise routine has been the same every day I’ve been on this diet:

9:30 – Morning coffee
11:00 – Half a grapefruit
11:00-2:00 – More coffee
2:00 – Gym
3:30 – Lunch
5:00 – Snack (orange or apple chips)
7:00 – Dinner
Rest of the night – Wine or margarita (sugar-free!), apple chips if I get hungry

Except for Friday, that is:

9:30 – 1:00 – Several cups of coffee
1:30 – Lunch
2:30 – Gym
4:00 – Lunch
5:00 – Orange
5:30 – Dinner #1
6:30 – Dinner #2
7:30-9:00 – Cake, tortilla shell, and spaghetti with avocado sauce

I’m pretty sure that not eating anything until 1:30 pm is what f*cked me up for the rest of the day. Not that half a grapefruit is a lot of food, but maybe it’s enough to keep my blood sugar level up and keep my body from going into starvation mode? I wish I knew more about the way the body works, but I don’t. But these past three days I have made sure to eat my grapefruit by 11, and everything’s been good. So I’m just gonna keep doing that.

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