Week 38: To nursery, or not to nursery? That was the question.

Of all the things that needed to get done before the baby comes, the most important was figuring out where the baby will sleep when it gets here. It took me quite awhile to make that decision.

My problem is that I waver between what I want, and what is practical (and by practical, I mean financially sound). For example, Dave’s parents had an old brown crib and a wooden bassinet that I could use. I wanted a white crib for the nursery and one of those frilly-type bassinets for our bedroom, but it didn’t seem practical for me to buy those things when they were being offered freely. And did I even need a bassinet? My cousin bought us a pack-n-play that has a bassinet thing on top – couldn’t I just use that?

For that matter, did we even need to set up a nursery? We don’t plan to be living in our current apartment for that much longer, so why go through the hassle of buying new things and clearing things out and switching things around now when we’re just gonna have to do it again after we move?

“Clearing things out” may not sound like a big deal, but over the past few months, our extra room – my office/Dave’s toolroom & workspace – had turned into a dumping ground. If we did do a nursery, it would have to be combined with my office, which meant that Dave’s tools and stuff would have to go! I felt bad about that.

cluttered office


cluttered office2

So yeah, that was the practical part of my brain speaking. But the other part of my brain, the “selfish” side, was saying “I am a grown ass woman…I waited until I was financial stable to have a baby…so why the hell shouldn’t I have a nursery and a bassinet if I can afford it?!”

When my friends came over for dinner one night in January, I told them about my internal debate, and they convinced me to listen to the “selfish” side. One of them pointed out that, based on what she had observed when we were planning my wedding, I have a tendency to settle for less in my quest to be “practical.” But when I allow myself the things I truly want, I end up much happier.

Originally our wedding was going to be VERY small and casual. We’d invite maybe 10 people, I’d wear an inexpensive knee-length white dress, and afterwards we would have an informal dinner. But then I allowed myself to try on a more expensive dress…which I fell in love with and allowed myself to buy even though it was more than I wanted to spend ($750 instead of $200). This led to a fancier reception dinner with more of our family and friends (30 people). While we still had the small wedding that we had originally wanted,  it ended up being a much more beautiful and memorable experience that it would have been if I’d insisted on being “practical.”

So yeah, her pointing that out was kind of a reality check. I wanted a nursery for my baby. I wanted a white crib. And I wanted a bassinet. And I would have them, practicality be damned.

For his part, Dave was fine with whatever I decided. So I told him that he needed to get rid of all his tools so we could convert that part of the room into the nursery. “I don’t care where you put them, but they can’t stay here.” He only protested a little bit. 🙂

I’ll follow up with a nursery update soon.

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3 Responses to Week 38: To nursery, or not to nursery? That was the question.

  1. Liz says:

    Can’t wait to see it! We did a “nursery” although it’s simple. I should probably post pictures since it was finished the night before I delivered! We sleep him in his crib every night and use his glider during all his feeds. The only thing we didn’t get was a changing table, which we immediately regretted. So Jon bought one of those cube organizers and we strapped down a changing pad to it and it has been perfect! Especially since we can reuse it in the future and it doesn’t look like a typical changing table and provides tons of storage! Jackson sleeps great in his pack n play (on that top part), but we actually change him in it mostly… We keep it in the dining room so it’s our day changer. The other thing we use all the time? The rock n play. Definitely get one if you haven’t. He naps in it a ton and it’s so mobile! Oh, and those waterproof pads. Babies R Us sells them in packs of 3 and they come in all sizes (I can’t find a link to them). They’re super thin but we love them for laying in the pack n play to change or we throw them on his changing pad and we have them in the diaper bag. Definitely good to have. And the long onesies that are like sleep sacks. http://www.amazon.com/Little-Me-Sailboat-Newborn-Layette/dp/B00YYT0HH4/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1457380426&sr=8-22&keywords=sleep+sack+onesies Like that one. They make nighttime changes so much easier! No buttons or zippers and messing with feet. We have 4 I think, but he pees on them a lot at night so we need to invest in more. They’re my favorite thing for him to sleep in. That and a swaddle sleep sack… This was super long. And I know Dave has a kid too so I’m sure he knows some of these things 🙂

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