The perfect New Orleans day

Yesterday was such a great day! After I did a little work in the morning, Dave, his son, and I went to Dat Dog for lunch. It’s one of my favorite places to eat in New Orleans. They have all different types of sausages, hot dogs, etc., and as many different types of toppings as you want, all included. It definitely isn’t diet-friendly, but I decided to stop thinking about my diet until after my birthday and Mardi Gras, remember?


I get the same thing every time I eat there: Smoked bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard (yesterday I added bacon because, well, it’s bacon). This meal always reminds me of when I was in Australia. Which is weird, considering I’ve been to Germany. But it reminds me of this German place Di and I ate at when we went to the Kuranda rain forest. It’s just a nice, happy memory of a beautiful day on vacation.


Anyway…after Dat Dog we went to the French Quarter, which is a perfectly charming place to be in when it’s daytime and everyone isn’t completely hammered. For me, yesterday’s walk around the French Quarter was all about the music: first there was Dixie-type music coming from the Steamship Natchez, then there was a brass band playing in Jackson Square, and then…well, I don’t actually know what the next two types of music were. I’ve been calling one “gypsy fiddle music” and the other one “hippy fiddle music.” They might be bluegrass but I’m not sure lol.

Sighhh…it was just such an awesome day. And the weather was so beautiful! It was in the mid or upper 60s and the sun was out. I was hot in a t-shirt and hoodie, and I couldn’t help but think to myself: “Wow, all my friends and family in NY are freezing their butts off, and I would be too if I hadn’t moved!”

After the French Quarter we went home. We had been debating going to the parades and had decided against it, but then one of Dave’s friends called asking if we were going and we were like “Eff it, let’s go.” We met up with a bunch of his friends and I ended up having such a good time. I stuck to beer and I didn’t get drunk, and today I don’t feel like crap. Success!

Below are videos of the music I heard in the French Quarter. I hope they put you in as good a mood as they did me!



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