How to Make Sugar-free Powdered Sugar


I was pretty surprised when I learned that you can actually make powdered sugar! It was something that had never crossed my mind, but one day I was looking up sugar-free glaze recipes and I stumbled upon this page and it was like WHOA…MY MIND IS BLOWN.

Making powdered sugar is SO SIMPLE! All you do is put sugar in some type of blender or food processor (I used my coffee/nut grinder) and pulse for a minute or so. And if you can do it with sugar, you can also do it with sugar substitutes!

Note – make sure you clean out your coffee grinder thoroughly – otherwise you’ll have icky little black bits in your powdered sugar.

All you need to make sugar-free powdered sugar.


Perfectly powdered sugar.


Oops, maybe not.


Let’s try this again, shall we?


Not bad but still a little grainy.


Just a few more pulses.


All done!

All done!


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