Nail Talk

It is ridiculous how much time I waste thinking about what color I should paint my nails next.

I was tempted to cut my nails off two weeks ago after one of them broke, but I decided not to because of an instagram pic that my bestie tagged me in (I think this is where it originated):

FullSizeRenderI thought this was hilarious! My nail broke the day after she tagged me in this, so I was like, “Yeah, f*ck you broken nail, I’m not cutting the rest off just because YOU were weak.” So I repainted them and then left them alone. Until yesterday. The broken nail had grown to a somewhat decent length, so I decided to cut the rest to match.

But then I got the urge to try a stiletto nail instead. I’ve been seeing stiletto nails all over the place lately, and I wanted to give it a try. I watched a few youtube videos and got to work shaping my nails.

Turns out my nails aren’t quite long enough to get that pointy stiletto look. At least not to my liking. But I did manage to file them into a very pretty almond shape. I still have the one nail that is shorter than the rest, but there’s nothing I can do about that. In another week or two I should be able to get that thinner, pointier stiletto look. If they last that long.

Now I’m trying to decide what color to paint my nails. White? Pink? Purple? French manicure? Half moon manicure? Should I do an accent nail? Should I add stones?  I have these bows that I bought, should I try them now? What about glitter? Arrrggg there are SO MANY OPTIONS!!! I spent a good three hours yesterday looking at pictures of stiletto and almond manicures. So many pictures, each one prettier than the next. It’s so hard to decide! I’ll probably spend another two hours looking at pictures. Then I’ll get really frustrated and end up doing a French manicure. Because that’s what I always do.


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