Diet Update: Week 3 – Ups and Downs…and Ups

Week three was not a good one. I weighed myself three times, and I was up two pounds, down two pounds, and up two pounds in the course of one week. It was annoying but not completely unexpected. I took a few days off from the gym, I did a fair bit of drinking (and by “fair bit” I mean a hell of a lot), and I had one or two meals where I ate a few things I shouldn’t have. Plus I had my period, so I’m some of the ups and downs were related to bloating.

It’s frustrating to have only lost 4.5 pounds in three weeks, but I know it’s my own fault. If I want to lose weight quicker then I need to stop drinking. Period. But I’m trying to maintain some type of diet/life balance and enjoy myself. This weekend was the St. Patrick’s Day parade. What was I gonna do, stay home so I wouldn’t cheat on my diet? No. And while I know I could have gone to the parade without drinking, it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. New Orleans is very much a drinking city.

So that’s what’s up. No real progress in Week 3. But a lot of fun.

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