Wedding Planning

A lot has happened in the nearly two months (!) since I’ve posted. I came out of my funk, went to NY to visit my mom for mother’s day, spent 9 days in Florida visiting Dave’s cousin (ahhh, the perks of being able to work wherever I have an internet connection), and, saving the best for last…I got engaged!


It wasn’t unexpected, of course – Dave and I have been talking about getting married since before I moved to New Orleans. And there was very little surprise when it came to the proposal – after all, I knew when he was on his way to pick the ring up, and I knew he had it when he came back home. But he was down on one knee when I walked into the bedroom, and he did ask me to marry him in the traditional sense. It was pretty cute.

So yeah, now I’m engaged and am planning a wedding…that is taking place in 2 weeks!! We’re getting married on June 27th. No, I’m not pregnant (several people have asked haha), but I would like to start trying soon. And June 27 is our two-year anniversary, so we like that date anyway.

At first we were planning to keep it fairly simple – a quick ceremony in the park followed by a dinner for very close friends and family, and then a bigger party in October when the weather is better down here (giving my people in NY more time to plan). We were figuring 15 guests for the wedding dinner, max.

But then Dave’s parents and my mom both said they would contribute to the cost of the wedding. Well. That changed things quite a bit. The guest list grew, as did our budget for everything else. After all, if we’re not paying for food and drink, what’s the harm in spending a little more on my dress?

(Which is what I did. I’m not the type to spend a lot of money on things, but this dress makes me look amazing, and the day that I was stressing over whether it was too expensive is the day we found out our parents would be chipping in. So I bought it. It’s still relatively cheap compared to other dresses out there – between the dress, alterations, the veil, accessories and shoes I’m still under $1,000. But part of me still feels guilty for spending that money for a dress I’ll wear ONCE.)

So now we’re at 28 guests. Which is still a nice small number, relatively speaking. We’re still going to have the party in October, but now our actually wedding day is shaping up to be something much nicer than we originally anticipated.

We’ve managed to get a lot done in the week and a half that we’ve actually been planning this. I’ve got my dress and accessories, he’s picked out a suit and shoes, we booked a place for the reception, we got our marriage license and wedding bands, and we got our friend ordained to perform the ceremony. The only big things left to do are hire a photographer and get a cake. Oh and flowers. And decorations for the ceremony. And rent chairs. And figure out music.

Well, we’ve got the important stuff done. The rest will hopefully just fall into place. And if not, oh well!

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3 Responses to Wedding Planning

  1. Liz says:

    Wow that was QUICK! Congratulations though! I’m so happy for you! I know you’ve been happy with Dave since you guys started dating! I can’t wait to hear about the wedding day with him!

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