My First Ultrasound

baby-9 weekslab

I had my first ultrasound on August 12, when I was 9 weeks pregnant. I have to say, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Like I said before, it took me quite awhile to actually believe that I was really pregnant. And even when the doctor confirmed it and I logically knew it was true, I still had trouble believing it. It just didn’t seem real.

But then the nurse put that gel on my stomach and started rubbing it with the ultrasound machine, and all of the sudden there was an image of a baby on the overhead monitor. MY baby. It was moving around a lot, waving it’s little arms and legs, and I was just like “Holy shit, there’s a BABY in my belly!”

Dave was there with me, and at some point he scooted his chair closer to me and took my hand. I had been so focused on the monitor and processing the fact that the baby on the monitor was INSIDE ME, that I had forgotten he was there. For that first minute or so it was just me and my baby, nothing else. Then he took my hand and squeezed it, and instead of just me and the baby it was me, him and the baby, and that was a beautiful moment as well.

The ultrasound was amazing…but the pictures I got from it were meh. (In case you didn’t know, the ultrasound is the procedure and the sonogram is the picture it produces. I had to google that.) I had to label them before I sent them to people just so they would know what was what! But I started sending them out right away – first to my mom, then Dave’s mom. Then I sent it to my dad, along with the text “Hi Grandpa!” I hadn’t told him anything up to that point, so as soon as he saw it he called me up so excited!

So yeah, that was a really nice day. 🙂

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7 Responses to My First Ultrasound

  1. Liz says:

    Is that white thing the heart? I thought the heart was lower. My baby picture has that big white area where the jaw is (I don’t know what it actually is, maybe it is the jaw) and the heart was only visible because it was beating like crazy. But you couldn’t see the heart on the actual picture (I guess the sonogram). I figured all of the babies looked the same but yours is all sideways! Mine was full frontal! So cute! Isn’t it crazy seeing your baby?! I was so glad to have the US done. I was worried they wouldn’t do it and the only reason my obgyn did was because I wasn’t sure how far along I was! So they did it just for dating purposes. But it was SO CRAZY seeing that baby! I even cried a little and I’m not normally emotional over baby stuff! I just couldn’t believe that you could see the heart beating on the ultrasound! I didn’t expect that for some reason. Other than that, my baby didn’t move at all! Maybe it was asleep! Do you know when your US is to find out the sex yet?!

    • Rory says:

      Yes the white thing was the heart – I only know that because she said “See that flickering? That’s the heart.” 🙂 That was a trip…I was kind of disappointed that it was sideways! Because I didn’t have the “real” sonogram experience lol. But I had another sonogram at 13 weeks for the NT testing and I got the “real” experience, so that was good.

      My next sonogram is Oct. 26, I’ll be almost 20 weeks. I can’t wait for that one! When is yours? Are you finding out the sex?

      • Liz says:

        I was going to have that US but because of the office that my office referred me to for that testing, it was going be $1000 because it would be billed as an outpatient visit at the hospital (come to find out, there were other offices I could have used and it would have been billed regularly, but I found that out two days before it was “too late” for NT testing). My next is Nov 4th! Oddly enough, mine was supposed to be Oct 26th, but Jon is going to be out of town and I had to reschedule for the following week (so I’ll be just over 21 weeks). We are definitely finding out the sex and I am still DYING for a girl! Are you guys going to find out? This is so fun that we’re going through all of this at pretty much the same time! I can’t wait to read your blogs AFTER the baby comes too!!!

      • Rory says:

        Ughhh that sucks!! I have been very careful about any tests they recommend because I am having the same deductible issues as you, so I had them give me the billing code and then called my insurance and found out there would be no charge because they bill it as blood tests and ultrasound. I would be so annoyed if I were you! Although it’s a little more urgent for me to do it, since I’m “high risk” – aka 36 years old. F them lol.

        I want a girl too! Dave already has a boy, so it would be nice to have a little girl. I’m pretty sure I’m going to find out…although the surprise might be nice? Sigh. I don’t know.

        And yes I’m so excited we are experiencing this together! It’s crazy!

      • Liz says:

        I had to go back and look and how far I’ll be at the next US since you’d be 20 weeks the week before me and I’m a few weeks farther along than you! I’ll be one day shy of 23 weeks at my next US! That’s so far along! WHERE HAS TIME GONE?! I’ve been checking with my insurance company for just about everything! I’m SO GLAD we just got new insurance with Jon’s work because they are SO fantastic on the phone! I hope you find out what you’re having! I want to know, haha!

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