Week 23: Sh*t Just Got Real! Plus, Upcoming Baby Shower!

Tomorrow I’m flying to NY..for my baby shower! (Oh, and Thanksgiving, but who cares about that? Baby shower!) I had to schedule it for November, even though I’m only 5.5 months pregnant, because I wanted it to be in NY, and at the time when I was discussing it with my mom, I was under the impression that you’re not supposed to fly once you reach seven months pregnant. (Turns out that’s not true.) Since we’re staying in New Orleans for Christmas this year (since we did NY last year), I decided it would make sense to have the baby shower the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

And now it’s almost here!

Honestly, I am just really f*cking excited to be going home. It’s only been six months since I was in NY for Mother’s Day, but it feels like it has been years. I don’t know why it feels that way, but it does. Maybe because sooooo much has happened since then.

Anyway, since I’m having the baby shower earlier than is customary, I also had to prepare a baby registry earlier than usual. Holy effing crap – what a process that was! So overwhelming! But I’ll talk about that in another post. Eventually I got it done, just in time for the invitations to go out.

Yesterday I received the baby’s first gifts – a bouncer and a pack-and-play from my “cousin” Judy! The bouncer came first, and I took a picture of it and sent it to Dave, since he was at work. Afterward I just stared at the box, and all of the sudden, things became really real. I was struck by the fact that in a few months, that bouncer would be out of the box and THERE WOULD BE A BABY IN IT. I mean, I know there’s a baby coming, I can feel it inside me, and of course I’ve imagined the baby once it’s born, but it was still very surreal to think of my baby sitting in the bouncer.


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1 Response to Week 23: Sh*t Just Got Real! Plus, Upcoming Baby Shower!

  1. Liz says:

    I so get it! We don’t have any stuff yet at our house (thankfully- I’m just not there yet!!!!- but in a few weeks we’ll be moving our guest bed to my parent’s house to start the preparations for the baby room). Once I found out I was having a boy, it really became real to me. Before that, I had an easier time just feeling pregnant and not thinking about having a baby at home, but the sex really solidified this whole baby thing. And when I have those times where it just feels so real that we’ll have a baby at home, I just kind of freak out now and don’t want it to happen!!! I need a few more years, haha!

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