Happy New Year! And other stuff.

Happy new year everyone! It’s been too long since my last post, and I don’t even know why. I haven’t been busy or anything. I guess I just wasn’t really in a writing mood.

My New Year’s Eve was meh. Dave and I had originally planned to go down to the French Quarter and watch the fireworks at midnight. But we met up with his cousins in the Quarter during the day and spent several hours there, and then they came over for dinner. By the time 10 pm rolled around I was tired, nauseous and cranky. So I cut the night short, and then spent the next two hours feeling sorry for myself and second guessing my decision not to go out.

I was pissed because we didn’t have my stepson over that night, and I had really wanted to enjoy a child-free New Year’s Eve doing adult things, since next NYE we will have two children in the house with us. I had been saying that for over a month. So I was mad at Dave because he didn’t seem to care if we went out, even though it was important to me. Except that I didn’t even want to go out anymore! It was very frustrating. So I moped and pouted.

Then at 11:57 our new smart tv froze when I was switching from The Vikings to the local news so I could see the midnight countdown. I swear,  I nearly had a breakdown. I threw the remote and started crying. I unplugged the tv to restart it, then grabbed my phone and saw that it was already 11:59. No way the tv would be back up before midnight. “Well, happy fucking new year,” I said. “Not that you care.” (Can I please blame the pregnancy hormones?)

Thank God Dave is patient with me. He just said, “Put your shoes on.” I did, and I followed him outside and it was midnight and it turned out that I could see a shit ton of fireworks from the street! Fireworks aren’t illegal down here like they are in NY. I could see big fireworks every direction I looked, and some of them were really close, like half a block away! It was awesome. I hugged and kissed him and we stayed outside for a minute or two watching fireworks, and then we went back in and watched tv (we managed to squeeze in some adult activities that night after all – giggity giggity).

I only had two resolutions for 2016, and I’ve broken them both. :-\ The first was to work hard at not procrastinating so much, which, as you can tell by the fact that I’m posting a New Year’s post on JANUARY 6, has been a big fail. But the reason for the delay has to do with my second failed resolution…

My second resolution, which is kind of silly and random, was to stop taking so long to upload my pictures to Facebook. It took me over a year to upload my Europe trip pictures from a few years ago. For my Australia trip, I managed to upload all my pictures in just under a year. (Progress?) It’s been six months since the wedding and I still haven’t upload those pictures, and now on top of that I need to upload my pics from the baby shower in November.

The problem with the wedding photos is that there are SOOOO many pictures. The photographer gave me about 800 pictures, which I managed to narrow down to about 300 favorites – which is still too many to post to Facebook, but I also want to make an album and something for my parents and inlaws. So I decided to start editing them (they were pretty flawless, but I wanted to fix my flyways and some tan lines and little things like that). So I spent a good three weeks in December editing about 200 pictures.

And then I accidentally deleted them.

I don’t know how it happened! I guess I accidentally deleted the “Edited” folder…and then when I saw how full my recycle bin was, I emptied it without thinking! It’s even stupider because I SAW the photo files in there but I assumed they were duplicates…I should have checked! Why didn’t I check?! I didn’t realize what had happened until the morning of New Year’s Eve, when I was going to write a “Year in Review” post and I wanted to upload an edited pic. I quickly realized what had happened but there was nothing I could do at that moment since we were almost on our way out to meet his cousins.

So I’ve been staying away from the computer the past few days, until today that is, because I had to work. Tomorrow I will look into a file recovery software, maybe those pics can be salvaged. If not, I’ll have to start over. Oh well…

Anyway, happy new year! Here’s to 2016!

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2 Responses to Happy New Year! And other stuff.

  1. Liz says:

    Happy New Year! I ended up working so didn’t have the whole dilemma of having to go out or stay in, but I haven’t really been into New Years anyway. I’ve worked so many of them in the last few years that I just don’t really care about it. And things that I hype up to be something awesome always end up disappointing me. I think pregnancy hormones are crazy, so you can just say your craziness was from that 🙂 I have some ridiculous moments these days! I should start uploading real photos to my blog more than just phone photos but I never do. Oh well.

  2. Happy New Year! Yes blame the hormones… hopefully you will recover your pics!

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