Cross one off the bucket list: Paul McCartney

I went to see Paul McCartney in concert this past Saturday, and it was glorious. I bought Dave tickets for his birthday, but in truth this was actually a present to myself (a very expensive present, but totally worth it). I’ve loved the Beatles since I was a little girl, and it has always been a dream of mine to hear my favorite songs played live. When we drove by the Smoothie King Convention Center one day in June and I saw on the billboard that Sir Paul would be playing there in October, my thought process went something like this: “OMG! Paul McCartney! Beatles! Hmm…October…Dave’s birthday! Yes!”

Fortunately Dave is just as big a Beatles fan as I am, so he was extremely happy with his gift (His words: “Best birthday present ever!…shit, how am I going to top this?” Lol.)

Paul was amazing. AMAZING! And it was so cool to see him live and witness someone who was a part of such a revolutionary musical act. Even his newer songs were decent, and when I found myself getting impatient for the next Beatles song I would stop and say to myself, “Just sick back and enjoy this moment. You’re listening to Paul McCartney playing the piano!”


So yeah, that was definitely one of the highlights of my life thus far.

I’ll leave you with some videos from the concert (the videos are there, even if the thumbnails aren’t showing up). Yes, I recorded just about every song he played. As I was taping I questioned whether I should be recording or just enjoying the moment, but I decided to record because I wanted to be able to relive that feeling again. I’m glad I did, because when I was watching all the videos and deciding which to post, I got such a high, especially during Helter Skelter. PAUL MCCARTNEY!!

Something (on a ukulele!):


Live and Let Die:


Let it Be:


Helter Skelter (my fave):


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Operation “Get My Sh*t Together”

The last year or two of my life in New York City was VERY structured. I’d wake up at 6:15, get to the gym by 7:30, work out until 8:30, and then take a shower and be get to work by 9. I’d take lunch at 1, finish work at 5:30, and if I wasn’t working late I’d either go to salsa, go back to the gym (during that brief time when I was doing two-a-days), or go out with my friends. And once I finally got home, I would eat, get my stuff ready for the next day, and then spend an hour on the phone with Dave until it was time for bed. Wake up; repeat.

That was my routine.

My life down here in New Orleans is so different than my life in NY, it’s crazy! I have no structure at all. No schedule. The main reason for this is that I’m no longer working a normal full-time job. I still work for the same company, but now I’m an independent contractor, and I’m only working part time. For the most part I can choose my own hours. I no longer have to commute to go to work – in fact, some days I don’t even leave the house.

I haven’t joined a gym either. There are none that are super close to my house, and honestly, the only reason I managed to make it to the gym everyday in NY was because it was DIRECTLY on my way to work.

I’ve also stopped blogging. Why? Because I stopped cooking. And dieting. I’ve been in “vacation mode” since I moved down here, trying different restaurants and eating whatever I want, whenever I want it. I’ve also been drinking a ton.

The only constant in my life – and the only form of exercise I get – is salsa. I go Tuesdays and Thursdays (also on the weekend if something’s going on, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are definite). Thank God for salsa.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. Not at all! My life is pretty amazing right now. I get to spend lots of time with my boyfriend (much needed after a year of doing long-distance), I don’t have to leave my house for work (the awesomeness of which cannot be overstated), and I’m have a great time partying it up in all these new places with the few new friends I’ve made. After years of living such a regimented life in New York City, I’m taking it easy in the Big Easy (sorry, I couldn’t resist :-P).

So why is it time for me to get my shit together? Well, five months of minimal exercise and maximum food has definitely caught up with me. I’m 10 pounds heavier than I was in May, and probably 15 pounds heavier than I was in December. 15 pounds! That’s a lot of pounds! Although my boobs are big again, my clothes are too tight, and I’m generally not very happy at this weight. So for the thousandth time in my life, I’m back on a diet. I started it on Monday, and so far I’ve been doing well. I’ve been eating healthy and working out every day. (Yes, it’s only been four days, but you have to start somewhere, right?)

I am also definitely committed to blogging more, twice a week at least. I went so long that it was kind of hard to get back into it. I couldn’t think of anything to write about since I was no longer cooking. But it’s very easy for me to write about my dieting ups-and-downs, and now that I’m back on a diet, my writer’s block has disappeared. I do want to write about things other than my diet and cooking, so we’ll see how that goes. Stay tuned!

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Healthy Red, White and Blue Fourth of July treats!

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile! My life in New Orleans is going well so far. It’s taken awhile but I’m finally starting to settle in. I have a car now, so life is starting to feel a little more normal now that I can drive myself places and I’m not totally dependent on my boyfriend if I want to go anywhere.

I haven’t really done any cooking since I’ve been here. My boyfriend is the best cook, so why should I even bother?! Lol no I’m kidding. Sort of. But I’ve only cooked once in the past 6 weeks, and that was only hamburgers. There haven’t really been any blog-worthy recipes in my recent past.

Which is why instead of posting a new recipe, I’m simply posting links to my two “patriotic” recipes that I put up last year. I will do my best to get this blog back up and running ASAP.



Red, White and Blue Cheesecake-stuffed Strawberries

finished red white and blue cheesecake strawberries4

Red, White and Blue Ricotta Banana Split 

finished banana split with chocolate syrup

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My big news…

Now that I’ve officially given notice at work, I can finally share my big news with the rest of the world: in three weeks I’m moving to New Orleans!

Why am I moving? (That’s the question I’ve been asked at least a hundred times in the past few weeks.) Well, my boyfriend lives down there. We’ve been doing the long-distance thing for almost a year now. Things have been great, but the distance SUCKS (obviously), and I’m tired of it. I’ve known for a while that I would be moving down there, but I couldn’t really say anything about it because I didn’t want my job to find out before I was ready.

That’s why I haven’t been posting on the blog lately. In February I moved in with my mom, to spend time with her before I go, and I haven’t cooked a thing since I got there! My dieting hasn’t been going too good either, because I’ve been doing a lot of “going away” dinners and happy hours, eating and drinking at all my favorite places “for the last time.” But I’m still going to the gym every morning, so at least I haven’t gained any weight. I figure once I get down to New Orleans I can resume the pursuit of my eternal goal of losing 10 pounds.

I’m pretty excited about moving. Aside from getting to spend tons of time with my boyfriend, as a jaded New Yorker I’m really looking forward to moving somewhere where life moves a little bit slower and people are a little bit nicer. Every time I’ve been to New Orleans I’ve really loved the city, so hopefully that feeling will continue to grow once I’m down there.

There probably won’t be any recipe posts for awhile, at least not until I settle in a bit in New Orleans. But I do plan on starting back up in the future. My boyfriend is an AMAZING cook, and he has a lot of experience making healthy, gluten-free meals. (Sigh, we’re so perfect for each other. Lol.) So I definitely foresee a lot of healthy recipes to come.

So yeah, that’s what’s going on. My last day at work is May 7, and on May 13 I’ll be driving a rented minivan packed with my stuff down to New Orleans. Stay tuned to see how things go!

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But I don’t WANNA diet *pout*


This has NOT been an easy week as far as my diet was concerned.

It started on Saturday, when my mom gave me an Entenmann’s chocolate cake to bring to my brother the next day. As soon as she handed it to me, I knew there was no way that cake was making it to him. Lol. I shared a bit of it with my friends that night, and then when I got home around midnight I ate about half of what was left. The next day I forced myself to get rid of the rest.


To make up for my cake transgression, I went to salsa class on Sunday. So that just about balanced out.

Fast forward to Wednesday. To thank us for coming in after a huge snowstorm, my job bought pizza for the entire firm. I ended up eating THREE slices! I did an hour of cardio that night to try to make up for it.

Fortunately, my weight has stayed the same this week. It sucks that I didn’t lose, but at least I didn’t gain.

And now I’m craving Chinese food. I’ve been thinking about it for days. And it’s really making me angry!! I mean, what is this life that I’ve created for myself that I can’t eat Chinese food when I feel like it??

I don’t know what I’m going to do.  Sike, yes I do. I’m going to order it tonight, this way I can get it out of my system. Week two of my diet will go down as a fail, but I can start fresh on Monday.

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Week 1 of my diet – so far, so good

Week one of my five-week “Must lose 10 pounds before my 35th birthday!” challenge went well – I’m down 2.5 pounds. I might have even lost a full three pounds if I hadn’t made that fettucini alfredo on Saturday night. I didn’t eat a lot of it…oh, wait, now that I think about it, I guess I did. Three bowls. I wanted to finish this jar of alfredo sauce I had in my fridge, and I hate wasting food, so there’s no way I would have thrown it out.

I justified it by telling myself that the diet would officially start on Monday. I mean, who starts a diet on a Friday anyway? Other than the pasta I didn’t stray really from my diet over the weekend (just a few bites of chocolate cake when I was at my grandma’s house), and on Monday I was officially in diet mode. I didn’t eat any bad carbs at all this week. Just salads for lunch, and meat and vegetables for dinner.  Tuesday was a bit of challenge, because they put out a platter of cakes and cookies at work and I REALLY wanted some. But I didn’t eat any – instead I just took some and gave them to a friend, and his happiness was almost as satisfying as eating them myself. Almost.

I DID allow myself to eat some banana bread – but it was made using my sugar-free, gluten-free recipe, so technically it’s not a cheat. I found it when I was cleaning out my freezer, and I brought it into work to share with my friend Tiffany, who is on this fitness kick with me. It’s definitely not something I should be eating every day, but it’s a good late afternoon snack that keeps me from being starving when I get home.

banana bread

Exercise-wise I’ve been doing good too. I exercised every day, and I went back to Zumba on Tuesday and my salsa class on Wednesday – both of which are super-intense cardio. I was gonna go to salsa on Thursday, but I had a dentist appointment. I’m planning to do Zumba every Tuesday and salsa every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (I have a year-long unlimited pass for salsa, so there’s really no reason for me NOT to go). If I throw the gym in there two or three times a week, the weight should just melt off me.

So yeah, down 2.5 pounds. I don’t really consider this to be “real” weight loss though. I’ve lost and regained the same five pounds a dozen times this past year, so I consider this “equalization” to get back to what I think is now my body’s normal weight. In a week or two I should be down to where I was before Australia, and that’s when the REAL challenge will begin. I’m not going to do anything differently than I am now, but I think it will take a bit longer for me to lose that last 5 pounds. Even still, I’m feeling pretty good.

To be continued…

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Different year, same resolution

Happy New Year everyone! Wow, it’s been forever since I last posted. There hasn’t been much to write about – between Australia, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, I have been doing very little cooking and WAYYYY too much eating. As a result, I am 6 pounds heavier than I was at the end of October, before I went to Australia.

I’m not too upset about it. I mean, what was I supposed to do, diet while I was on vacation? Not partake in the amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts? No way!

But now I am committed to getting back on track. For last year’s resolution I said that I wanted to lose 15 pounds and then try to figure out how to change my lifestyle so I could be done with yo-yo dieting once and for all. Well, that didn’t happen – I weigh more now than I did a year ago!

So once again my resolution is to lose 15 pounds. I have a few events coming up, and I know that if I don’t lose the weight, I will be very depressed.

The first up – and most important – is my birthday. I’ll be 35 on February 15 (how did this happen?!?). I don’t have any plans yet, but I’m sure I will be dressed up and I do NOT want to look in the mirror that night and be unhappy with what I see. It’s 5 weeks away, so if I eat right and go to the gym at least 5 times a week, I will definitely lose 8-10 pounds.

Then I’m going to a wedding in New Orleans at the end of March, and I need to look great for that. There are also a few other things where I’ll have to be trying on dresses, and again, I do not want to be unhappy with myself when I’m trying on dresses in the dressing room.

So yeah, I am GOING to lose 15 pounds over the next two months. Because staying at this weight and being unhappy when I look in the mirror is NOT an option.

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