HCG Day 1 – It’s easy to diet when the thought of food makes you sick

Part of the HCG prep is that you take the drops for two days while eating as much fatty food as possible. On the one hand it’s nice to get a “free pass” and eat whatever you want without feeling guilty. I ate SOOO much this weekend, particularly on Sunday:

Saturday: pasta and a cream of broccoli sauce for lunch, Japanese food for dinner, several glasses of wine and six or seven vodka and club sodas over the course of the night, and then a cheeseburger and fries at 4 in the morning so I wouldn’t throw up the next day from all the alcohol.

Sunday: the remainder of my cheeseburger and fries for lunch, an Entenmann’s banana crunch cake for grazing on throughout the day, and then Chinese food for dinner (at like 10 pm). And then more cake. Oh, and like a quart of chocolate milk.

When I woke up on Monday morning I was so nauseous that I almost stayed home from work. All the food I had eaten on the weekend was like a rock in my stomach. I gained FOUR pounds from my “gorge” weekend, as it’s called. I wasn’t worried about the weight gain, because I knew by Wednesday I’d have lost those pounds (which I did), but I felt like garbage and was quite happy to be starting the diet.

So yeah, as far as dealing with any hunger, Day 1 was a breeze.

Breakfast – half a grapefruit (52 cals)

Lunch – a can of tuna and half a large cucumber (172 cals)

Dinner – curry chicken and spinach (180 cals)

Snack – a granny smith apple (80 cals)


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