HCG Day 2 – Hunger pangs and a headache

My second day on the HCG diet was not quite as easy as my first. I came back from lunch and realized I was still hungry. Luckily I had some leftover sugar-free meringue cookies at my desk, so I was able to munch on those without a problem.

I also had the worst headache ever, probably because I haven’t had any coffee this week. I like my coffee really light, with half and half, but on this diet you’re only allowed a tablespoon of milk each day. Useless for me, so I might as well skip it altogether.

As I was sitting there at my desk nibbling on meringue cookies I realized that I am going to need to snacks on a daily basis to get me through the rest of my diet. So that night I made another batch of sugar-free meringue cookies. I also made some apple chips – holy crap they came out so good!

I also decided to make some chicken broth so that I could make some soup. I like making soup when I’m on a diet because the broth fills you up. I’ll be posting the recipes for all of these things with the next day or two.


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