I spoke too soon

I should probably wait to try a product before I deem it “The Best Invention Ever.” The bra strap extender proved to be useless on the day of my holiday party.

Part of it was my own fault – even though I said you should wear a bra that has the silicone on it, so that it won’t slip, I accidentally brought my non-silicon having strapless bra with me to change into. Whoops. As a result, it was a lot harder to keep the bra in place.

Once I managed to secure myself in my dress I realized that there was a LOT of pressure on my shoulders. It makes sense, considering the shoulder straps were basically the only thing holding me up, but still, it hurt. A lot. Another problem I had was that the shoulder straps of my bra were clearly visible (the dress was sleeveless).

After about an hour I’d had enough. I put my regular bra back on and kept my blazer on for the entire holiday party (except in the picture below). When it was time to head to the afterparty I took my bra off and went bra-less and blazer-less for the rest of the night (!).


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