Unexpected weight loss

I got on the scale this morning and I was shocked – SHOCKED – to see that I was down to 139.5! It was really unexpected, considering yesterday I was 141.5 and I ate two sweet potatoes. I think it’s because I had pretty intense exercise sessions this week.

On Monday I had my salsa class, which can be hit or miss in terms of how much I sweat. This time it was definitely “hit” – we danced for the entire class, and I sweated my butt off.

Yesterday I went to Zumba. My friend and I were going to do a body sculpt class, but we got there late and the class was crowded. While we were debating what to we noticed that there was a Zumba class starting at 6:30. Normally that gym only has Zumba on Thursdays, so we were pretty excited. Especially since it was a different instructor. We killed time by going to get a beer, which in retrospect wasn’t the best idea. We were pretty buzzed when we got to class 45 minutes later.

The class was intense. At one point I actually thought I might pass out. But it was an awesome workout – I am extremely sore today. And I’m two pounds lighter. 🙂 At this rate it will be easy peasy to hit my 135 pound target by birthday. Yay!

drinks before zumba

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5 Responses to Unexpected weight loss

  1. Opinionated Man says:

    God that Stella looks good.

  2. Keep going, don’t stop now! One day at a time and you will achieve your goal 🙂

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