Diet Update – Week 4: Finally seeing progress

First: I PROMISE that this blog isn’t going to be only diet updates! I’ve just been really busy with work and haven’t been doing much other than work and gym. I do have a few recipes I want to post, but I’m stuck at the point of taking pictures. I never think my pictures look good enough. But I am taking steps to remedy that – I bought a Groupon for an online photography class! Hopefully that will help.

With that said…

I weighed myself on Monday and I’m pleased to report that I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds so far! That averages to 2 pounds a week, which from what I’ve read is a healthy rate of weight loss. My problem is that when I did those HCG drops I was losing FIVE pounds a week. So even though 2 pounds a week is good, it feels like it’s taking forever! But whatever, I’m still pleased with my progress. Mostly.

This was the first week where I was able to visibly see my progress. I can’t specify where I look thinner, but I was studying myself in the wall-to-wall mirror in my salsa class and I just look a little bit slimmer in the midsection, between my knees and boobs. So that made me happy.

I finally added weight training to my workouts. When I first started back at the gym my plan had been to do a half hour of weight training and a half hour on either the arc trainer or treadmill. But then I did something to my hip during salsa class back in February and the treadmill hurt and I was scared to do lower body. So instead I’ve just been doing an hour on the arc trainer every day.

But Dave convinced me to start weight training again. He started a new workout/diet last week, some 21 day shred thing, and he wrote me up the woman’s version so I could do it at the gym. So for the past 4 days I’ve been doing an hour on the arc trainer followed by 30-40 minutes of weight training. That’s a lot of time to be spending at the gym, but right now my work schedule is flexible enough that I can actually do it. So I might as take advantage of that while I can.

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