Weekend Recap – Hogs for The Cause and GSD (Getting Sh*t Done)

What a great weekend! On Saturday I worked in the morning and then Dave, his son and I went to Hogs For The Cause. It’s basically a fundraising charity thing with live music and a TON of food vendors. All of the food had some type of pork in it. OMGGGG – everything was so delicious! I decided not think about my diet for the day. Dave and I shared lots of little foods – pork belly on steamed buns (my favorite of the day), pigskin nachos, bbq pork egg roll, a pulled pork cuban sandwich, and bacon rum cake.






Mmmmm. I love food. Sigh.

Yesterday I was very productive. I worked, went to the gym, cleaned up my office/Dave’s workshop, and spent several hours reading about cameras and food photography and playing around with the camera Dave gave me two Christmases ago that I never touched until last week.

I am determined to take this food blog to the next level, and I know the only way to do that is to take amazing pictures. Unfortunately I don’t know a thing about photography other than what I’ve read on the internet – which is a lot, actually, considering I’ve been reading about food photography and food blogs for a few years now. But all the reading in the world hasn’t done me any good, because I haven’t applied any of it! I just need to get out there and start taking pictures.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I cleaned out the office because that’s where my “studio” is going to be. Later on we’re going to go to Home Depot for wood and paint and stain so I can create “tabletops” and make backgrounds for these food photos. I have an online photography class starting next week, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading so I can get a head start and at least be familiar with the basics. I’m really excited about this. It’s nice to have a new hobby!

I haven’t done my Monday weigh in yet. I’m waiting until I poop so I’ll be a little lighter. I have no idea what the effect of Saturday’s pork binge will be, but I hardly ate anything yesterday so hopefully it’ll balance out. Fingers crossed!

Some pics I took yesterday while playing around with my camera’s settings:






IMG_0751 IMG_0757 IMG_0766 IMG_0748

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