Week 33: Headaches and Heartburn and Hemorrhoids, Oh My

My 33rd week of pregnancy can be summed up in one photo:

prunes etc

Needless to say, it was NOT a good week! I was constipated, had the worst hemorrhoid ever (so bad that I barely moved for two days), had major heartburn and constant headaches, and on top of that, I was blessed with random bouts of nausea! Yay pregnancy!

I had another ultrasound on Wednesday…which was also kinda bad, now that I’m thinking about it. That ultrasound hurt like a bitch! The tech needed to see the baby “practicing it’s breathing,” but it wasn’t doing it, so she just kept poking and prodding the baby until it finally did it. But she just kept pushing and pushing, for like 10 minutes in the same spot! All that poking was extremely painful…but I do love seeing the baby, so I would do it again in a heartbeat. The baby was covering its face, so I didn’t get any cute pictures, which also sucked.

The baby is 4.75 pounds as of last Wednesday. 🙂

The week wasn’t all bad. My mom and her boyfriend were in town for a few days, which was really nice. And the Mardi Gras parades started up, and those are always fun. But between all the walking I did showing my family around town and all the standing and dancing I did at the parades, my body is SOOO sore! My “groin pull” or whatever is just as bad as it was three weeks ago, and on top of that my back is killing me too! (Although the back may be because me boobs are f*cking huge now.)

I remember reading in the beginning of my pregnancy that the third trimester of pregnancy is horrible…but I guess I just blocked it out or forgot about it. But as bad as it is now (and I know it’s just going to get worse in the next few weeks), the pain is kind of…meaningless. I guess because I know it’s temporary? I’m gonna have a baby in 43 days!


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4 Responses to Week 33: Headaches and Heartburn and Hemorrhoids, Oh My

  1. Liz says:

    Haha I’m so with you. I have a hemorrhoid that isn’t terrible, but sometimes it itches like crazy or makes it really hard to wipe clean cause poo just gets stuck around it! (I can’t believe I’m even admitting that.) It’s so gross. And literally EVERYTHING under my belly is swollen. Vag too. All of it. And my back is killing me pretty much all the time. It’s obnoxious. But I’m already kind of sad that all this is ending and I won’t feel Jackson moving around anymore! Ah, we’re SO CLOSE!!!!!

    • Rory says:

      Oh girl…yes the itchy butt has been the worst! It doesn’t help that my nails are super long and pointy right now, which makes wiping that much harder! Thankfully the hemmorhoid has nearly disappeared now! I was scared that I would have it when I go into labor and then I’d blow it out while pushing! :-X

      • Liz says:

        Haha at least I’m not alone 🙂 Mine got worse because in these later stages of pregnancy, I seem to be pooping super small amounts pretty frequently and it’s just irritated as hell! But I’ve been putting coconut oil on it and it has helped SO much (I never thought that when I got pregnant, I’d have to coconut oil my butt- pregnancy is so not cute). I’m glad yours is better!

  2. Third trimester is definitely more exhausting. I remember feeling like it took me three times as long to walk to places. Hopefully all of these things will subside soon. Hang in there, stay hydrated, and keep your feet up as much as you can. Everything goes back to “normal” within a few weeks/months after you have the baby. I think the biggest post delivery shocks I had were (1) the size of my boobs when my milk came in, (2) losing lots of hair as my hormones fluctuated, and (3) still looking pregnant after the baby was born – I blame this one on thinking the swelling would immediately go down but the uterus doesn’t shrink that quickly lol.

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