Week 34: The two sweetest things my husband has said to me during this pregnancy


My husband has been an absolute rockstar in terms of supporting me throughout this pregnancy. He cooks and cleans all the time, gives me massages whenever I ask, and helps me get dressed and undressed when I’m struggling (which is quite often ever since I pulled this stupid groin muscle last month). He doesn’t get annoyed when I ask him to get me a drink, or my nail file, or my phone charger, or whatever it is I forgot to get before I sat down (getting up and down from my seat/bed is a particular struggle so I try to avoid it when possible). He even helps me tie my shoes! (The other day we were at a Mardi Gras parade and my shoelace was untied, and I didn’t even have to ask! He just dropped down in the middle of the street to tie it.)

I can tell Dave about anything – like how painful my hemorrhoid is or how sometimes I pee a little when I sneeze (isn’t pregnancy wonderful?!), and he is never grossed out or turned off. Ever. I have no fear of any of the embarrassing things that can happen while I’m delivering this baby, such as pooping or huge blood clots falling out of my vagina, because I know they won’t change the way he looks at me. (…Okay, I AM afraid of it happening, because it’s gross! But still, I know it won’t matter to him.)

He also constantly tells me I’m beautiful – which is important considering most days I feel like a big fat cow. And he still seems to find me sexy! I keep reading about these husbands who won’t have sex with their wives while they’re pregnant because “it’s gross” or they don’t want to “poke the baby,” and I feel so bad for these women! Thank God Dave doesn’t feel that way, because my libido hasn’t decreased at all since becoming pregnant. It’s nice to feel like I’m a sexy woman, and not just an incubator for his baby.

With all that said, there are two things that Dave has said to me during this pregnancy that have left an indelible mark on my memory.

1.   “Why don’t you go take a nap and I’ll make you cookies.”

This happened several months ago, but I’ll never forget it, because at the time I was like “Omg, that was the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me!” Earlier that day I had mentioned making cookies. Fast forward a few hours and I was sitting on our recliner falling asleep when he made the above statement. You mean I get to sleep and when I wake up there will be cookies? Um, yes please!

2.   “We don’t have to go to the parade tomorrow if you don’t want to…since you’re about to poop out a baby and all.”

This just happened this past weekend, and it’s actually what sparked this whole blog post. We had been planning to go to Mardi Gras parades on Friday evening and Saturday day, but by the time Friday rolled around, I was tired and my legs/groin were hurting and I didn’t want to go. I told him and he was cool with it, because the Saturday parade, Endymion, was the more important of the two, and as far as he knew, I was still down with that.

But the truth was, I was dreading it! The parade didn’t start until 4:15 pm, but he wanted to get there by 11 am! That’s five hours early! Add that to the two hours minimum that we’d be watching the parade go by, and you’re talking about at least seven hours of standing or sitting in an uncomfortable folding chair. And let’s not forget the bathroom situation – it’s hard enough to maneuver in a port-a-potty when you’re not pregnant…I didn’t even want to think about how difficult it would be in there with this big belly.

None of this was a problem when we did it last year, but hello, I wasn’t nearly 8 months pregnant then! But I felt too guilty to tell him that I didn’t want to go. He loves the parades, and at that point we had only been to one this year. The thought of making him miss this parade, one of his favorites, was too much for me. So I figured I’d suck it up and go, and suffer the consequences on Sunday. (And there WOULD be consequences – I could barely walk the day after the parade we went to two weekends ago, and we were only at that one for a few hours.)

So you can imagine how relieved I was on Friday evening when he said that we didn’t have to go on Saturday!! That night when we were in bed, I turned to him and said, “You know, I didn’t think it was possible, but when you said we don’t have to go to Endymion tomorrow, I fell more in love with you than ever before.” I was teasing  and we both laughed, but there was definitely some truth to that statement. I felt so much love for him at that moment!

When I analyzed WHY these two statements meant so much to me, I realized it’s because I have never felt so understood by another person as I did when he said them. I was tired – he told me to sleep. I wanted cookies – he made them. I didn’t want to go to the parades – he said we didn’t have to. And I didn’t have to ask for any of it! He just knew what I needed at the moment and gave it to me.

Now, of course things aren’t always perfect. Far from it. But these are some of the more perfect moments of the last few months, and I had to write them down, just so I’ll never forget them. ❤

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5 Responses to Week 34: The two sweetest things my husband has said to me during this pregnancy

  1. Liz says:

    I loved that you said that was the most romantic thing anybody has ever said to you! I always try and get Jon to look at my hemorrhoids and he HATES it and won’t comply and he often tells me he doesn’t want to hear about my butt anymore (it doesn’t stop me), but he’s a trooper. And while I never want to have sex anymore, he is still definitely always happy whenever I want to! He definitely still makes me feel sexy, which his nice because really, I’m just a big swollen mess. Dave sounds awesome and I’m so glad you ended up down there with him 🙂 Also, I had to look at your dress for so long to figure out if we had the same dress, but mine didn’t have a train. They look SO similar though from that photo!

    • Rory says:

      Omg girl the dresses! This morning I finally decided to use my phone to catch up on your site, and as I was scrolling down to previous posts I saw your wedding pic and the dress and was like hold up!! I spent a half hour today doing a side-by-side comparison of our dresses, and if you hadn’t of just said that yours didn’t have a train, I would have sworn they were the same (my train was really short btw). I’m still kind of convinced that they are!

      Haha I haven’t had Dave actually look at my hemorrhoid yet, although he would if I asked! Since I can’t see what’s happening back there, I don’t know how bad it is/was, but in my imagination it’s pretty grotesque. Don’t want to completely scare him away from that area! 😉

      • Liz says:

        Haha at this point, I wish I’d scare Jon away! But I’m pretty sure there is nothing that would scare him away! Men. I swear, haha. But I totally looked in a mirror to try to see mine, but it’s really hard when you have a huge belly in the way and the mirror is so far away.

        You know, maybe my dress was longer in the back. I just thought about that. Cause I had to bustle it. Can you see this link? I wonder if they were the same! I can’t remember who made my dress! It was from David’s Bridal though!


      • Rory says:

        It is definitely the same dress!! That is too funny!!

        What an awesome dress. Our bodies are so different, yet we both look amazing! What did you end up doing with yours? Mine has been hanging on the back of my closet since the day after the wedding while I debate whether I should clean and store it or try to sell it.

      • Liz says:

        That is exactly what my dress is doing right now! I actually know another girl who is getting married in a VERY similar dress and she looks great in it too! That style and fabric must just be really flattering on everybody! I don’t think I want to sell the dress but there really is no reason to keep it! Also, I don’t know that I’d even be able to sell it because it was already the smallest size AND I had it altered to take the sides in. So I guess I’ll just be stuck with a big dress taking up space for the rest of my life because I have nothing else to do with it, haha. Besides, not sure I really want to get rid of it 🙂

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